About Me

My name is Mallory, I’m a 20 year old retail worker looking for something to pass the time. Currently going to UNBSJ, ICS as a major. I have a passion for the comic book world and movies. Marvel being my personal favourite. Anything that would classify me as a Nerd – Well I guess I like it too. As a Canadian, I do apologize a lot, and I’m sorry about that. As a Canadian I am an avid Hockey watcher (Go Canucks!) and I have another soft spot for Soccer (Man United) I like to think I’m sassy, and sarcastic by nature, but apparently I can be quite sweet and nice. With wonderful family and friends at my side and an even better boyfriend, I constantly feel loved and happy as I hope you too are. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I’m pretty open and will answer anything.

Although this might have been a blog for my class at UNBSJ (Comics and Manga) I seemed to enjoy the blogging assignment so much that I’ve decided to keep it. Now where originally I was on a strictly comic/manga-post related theme I will – hopefully, expand to other topics that I find interesting.

I love movies, and I have an ever growing collection of them (over 250 and counting) Anything goes for my love of the cinema, if it looks good – I’ll watch it. I also have what I think to be a divine taste in music, with a wide variety range, mostly I like to aspire to the indie alternative and folk side, but I am known to stray and enjoy my summer country music and some rap here and there. For anyone who wants straight into my heart tell me your favorite band is Mumford and Sons and your favourite singer is Paolo Nutini, and if you really want to win me over tell me your favourite movies are Shaun of the Dead and Sweeny Todd.

Hopefully, I’ll remain somewhat active with a post a day, but with life, who knows how that will work out. I love hearing from comments, so never be shy. I appreciate every one who reads.

Never live life in the dark, be free, and make sure you’re happy. Nothing matters more in life than your happiness and joy so take the time, make a cake, eat the entire damn thing. Its up to you. You can’t take your money with you – or your possessions. Only your memories. So you better go and make some, because you never know when it’ll be too late. Do great things with your life like I know you can.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there. I’ve been having a look through you’re posts and I was wondering if the artwork in them was yours or taken from somewhere else. I was completely taken with the image of Batman and Robin in the tardis while the Doctor flies off in the Batmobile.

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